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Lucy Benton

Hi! I’m Lucy Benton, a regular woman with a regular job. I believe that women who want to make career progress in today’s overcrowded industries MUST explore new interests and develop new skills by the day. That’s exactly what I’m doing in life. I don’t run a business… I’m just a writer. Writing, however, is more of a business than you imagine. It’s a full-time job and, dare I say it, it gets hard sometimes.

So how did I get here, running this site and inviting you all to join the conversation?

I’ve never liked taking life too seriously. I’m a kid of the 80’s and I grew up in Springfield, Illinois. You know what kids and teens were practically forced to do back then? Lincoln Home National Historic Site, Lincoln Tomb and War Memorials, Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum… you get the picture. Boring! I just stayed at home to read.

And where does that passion for reading usually lead?

Yup, it made me weird, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Writing – that’s how I started exploring my own ideas. I created my own fantasies and I still believe they were pretty cool. Better than Twilight, at least.

When I got into college, I faced a whole new challenge in writing: academic papers. Whoa, the first ones were worse than you can imagine. I used to dig through dozens of books and academic research papers. I spent weeks searching what experts have said, and it was just a 5-paragraph essay I was dealing with. By the end of such an exhausting research, I knew most of the theories and facts about the issue, but I no longer knew what I thought about it. As it turned out, instead of making me think with my own head, all those assignments made me lose my mojo. The funny thing is: I always got straight A’s. Go figure.

It took one year of disastrous writing that my professors liked and one summer of real reading before I realized: “This doesn’t work and I need to change it.” And I did change the way I approached academic writing. Don’t worry; I still researched enough. Research is important. However, I learned how to add something fresh, something me in every single topic I explored. Guess what: the professors liked that more. I didn’t just get A’s… I got some praise, too.

Throughout college, I helped my classmates with essays, book reviews, and English assignments. When I went to Maharishi University of Management, I took things a bit further: I started tutoring. My daily life revolved around assignments. I discovered something most students fail to realize: assignments are pretty cool. Yes, they are! When you approach them the right way, you figure out that each topic opens a whole new world of knowledge.

So where did this love for academic writing take me?

People think it’s useless. I used to believe them. Now, I agree to disagree. No other skill I developed throughout college and university has pushed me forward in my career more than… wait for it… writing!

After uni, I was ready for an adventure. What’s the biggest adventure for a recent graduate? Just move to Australia. Sydney is the most overwhelming place I’ve ever seen. And it’s the warmest, most welcoming community at the same time. I got a job at a daily newspaper, where I worked as an editor.

See? A degree in Creative and Professional Writing does take you somewhere.

Oh well, the company went bankrupt and I was soon left without work and regular income.

It was the hardest time in my life. Alone, away from my hometown. But this is Sydney, and people are making it work here. I realized I had only myself to rely on. That’s how I started working as a freelance editor and writing coach.

Writing and editing is not all I do, all day long. I have my hubby and my hobby (traveling). We explore Australia together with Mr. Black Ear – a silly Labrador with a sillier name (that’s my husband’s fault). In the meantime, I write, and then I write some more.

So what’s the deal with this blog?

It’s part of my goal to make academic writing more accessible for everyone. All projects are challenging. You’d rather spend time watching TV shows. I get you. However, I also know that writing can be an enjoyable activity, and my goal is to help you experience it that way.

I have a rare talent to break down the complex process of research, writing and editing into REALLY PRACTICAL TIPS that make you believe: everyone can write!

In addition to tips on writing, I’ll share interesting news related to education and eLearning.

You know what? We’re all responsible for the way our educational system looks.

We keep complaining about it, but are we doing something to change it? As students, you have a huge responsibility to fight for your rights and force changes that fit the needs of new generations. I’m always trying to encourage proactive behavior. Students have to be informed about the educational trends. They have to realize they are the force of power.

Oh, I have another important goal with this blog: to connect with you. I appreciate every single comment you leave me. If you have any questions on writing or anything else related to education, I’ll do my best to answer them in the comment section… or in a new blog post.

Did you explore my blog? Do you like it? Stay tuned. More is coming.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!