Why You Should Write Every Day: Benefits and Reasons

Writing is a part of our daily lives. We communicate via e-mail and text messages every single hour. But does this improve our writing skills? Not really. Perhaps you have been working on your novel for years but you can’t make yourself complete it? Or you want to expand your vocabulary by learning some obscure words? Then make writing a habit. There is no need for writing pages and pages of material every night – a hundred words will do. It will not only make you better at communicating with your audience or co-workers but you will clear out your mind as well. Just stick to it and you will see the improvement. So if you want to become a better writer, just start writing!

You will improve your writing

Writing is a skill and if you don’t practice it often, you might lose the ability to communicate with your readership the way you want. This is a real problem for professional writers and authors so they try to jot down at least a couple of sentences on a daily basis. If you want to work on your style and productivity, you should do so as well. You can write about your daily life in a blog or a diary but don’t forget to try other unconventional styles such as a stream of consciousness if you don’t feel inspired at a given moment. And don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or structure – the goal is to write down your thoughts and ideas as they come.

Dealing with stress

Writing in a journal can do wonders for your mind when you are dealing with a lot of stress in your daily life. It can be a great coping mechanism because you will be able to put all of your feelings on a piece of paper instead of keeping it inside. So if you are not ready to share your problems with the others around you, writing can be a good substitute. Keeping track of your mood and feelings might even help you cope in the future because you will be able to recognize the things which might trigger your stress, anxiety, or depression. Keeping a journal is not obsolete and it will give you the relief you need when your life gets too hectic. Plus, research confirmed that people who write down everything they are going through in their life can overcome difficulties quicker than the others.

Expanding your vocabulary

We live in a modern age of texting and emailing so a large number of us do not use our full vocabulary often. Instead, we try to say as much as we can by using short sentences or abbreviations. But if you want to maintain or expand your vocabulary, you simply have to write more. So if you have found a word you really like in a thesaurus and want to apply it more often, start by including it in an article you might be writing at the moment or a diary entry. It is the best way memorize it and the word will become a part of your vocabulary.

You can earn money

Nowadays, content is everything. There are many work opportunities for aspiring writers so you can earn some money by doing what you love. But you need to be consistent and always deliver high-quality texts which are both engaging and educational. Therefore, practicing writing every day is mandatory. So if you are a freelance writer, find a niche you like writing about, create your own blog, and don’t give up. Once the audience recognizes your articles as useful or informational, the readership will come and increase the traffic. When you establish yourself as a successful blog writer, you can try submitting your work to large publications. It is crucial to find your own voice and make your content interesting.

Take some time for yourself

If you sit in front of your computer for hours, writing with a pen and paper will surely feel refreshing to you. So forget about the technology and go old school. It will help you relax and wind down as well as make you more creative. You can explore your ideas without the distraction of the social media or news outlets because the only thing in front of you are your own words. Writing down to-do lists or future business ideas will allow you to put more thought into the process and actually commit to them. You focus will be on the goals you have set for yourself.

Writing will fire up your imagination

Many writers struggle with finding inspiration or new ideas for their next story. While some of them do take some time off, others continue to write in hopes of finding a new direction that will stimulate them. This is an excellent approach because you will stay consistent and not lose the habit of writing something on a daily basis. Every life event that happens to you or your friends can be used for your next project so write it down and try to expand the narrative. Your imagination will take you places by perfecting your storytelling skills and exploring other creative possibilities.


Writing every single day will help you find your voice, refine your writing style, and make you a better writer altogether. So it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or you write professionally – you should get your ideas out of your head and see where they lead you. Many aspiring writers think that it is enough to write once or twice a week. That is not true because writing is a skill and you have to work hard in order to get better at it. It does take some time but writing should become your habit. So even if you don’t feel like writing on a particular day, grab a piece of paper (or sit in front of your computer), and unleash your thoughts. It is important to be consistent and not give up.

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